Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jordyn's Mad Hatters Tea Party

Well the day finally came for Jordyn's Tea party!!! After many hours of thrift shopping and raiding my Nana's house.. the table looked fairly good...

A good time was had by all..... Happy Birthday Jordyn xx

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jordyn's 10th Birthday Cake

My princess decided to have a mad hatters tea party for her birthday.... so after hours on Google she decided on a topsy turvy birthday cake!!! 


So, after hours of mum being on Google, this is what we came up with ......

I think it turned out ok !!! Will post more pics later xx


Sunday, July 24, 2011


We decided to make some paper mache puppets over the holidays!! who knew it would take the entire 2 weeks just to make them !!!
The kids got bored of the sticky stuff after about an hour.. I forgot how long it takes to do this :(

Here are our paper mache balloons!!  After about 4 hours we finally finished with the stick side of things!! They took nearly 2 days to dry out in front of the heater... They were hanging off my ironing board, so *sigh* no ironing for me today :)

Starting to take shape !!! several rolls of masking tape and cardboard later.... not to mention the panadol and coffee!!

Jordyn's puppet head !! Painted and decorated !!

Clayton's puppet head.... he got a bit bored so mum did most of the decorating !!

Clayton's finished puppet !! He was so pleased he wanted to make another !!!!

One very happy little boy.. He can't wait to take it to school for news .....

Here is Jordyn with her creation. We even made a skirt for her !!!

I forgot to mention that Jordyn had a go on the sewing machine.. She did ok.. she liked putting her foot down  !! should this scare me???????? 
All in all, I had a great time with the kids... even though the house is now covered in paint, glue and glitter !!  Oh well, guess it gives me something to do when they go back to school!!!  :)

Monday, July 11, 2011


Too cute!!

I love the monkeys!! They don't cooperate for the camera though :)

So magnificent!!

A pair of Numbats!!
Made a new friend :)
Beary fun!!
Peek a boo !! I see you !!

Happy feet !!!

Can we take him home mum??

We were lucky that the snakes in the reptile house were quite active... needless to say I was glad they were behind glass :)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding Nemo:)

Sooooo excited to finally have a Saltwater tank!!! I'm still getting it established, it could take up to 6 months to get a good coverage of bacteria on the rocks, the coral you see in the pictures is not real :( it's the background pic stuck to the tank..  My first fishie did a *Nemo* on me and went up the filter to an untimely death.. So  I bought a Blue Damsel,, he is also camera shy !! My Clown fish on the other hand are camera hogs and come up to the glass everytime they see the camera flash..
This is Stanley !! He is absolutely adorable!! He is a long spiny urchin.. You can see his eye in the centre.. he is quite active and it's really cool to watch him move around the tank. He is also poisonous so one must be mindful when putting their hand in the tank ...

I managed to get all four fish in one shot !! This took ages !! The black and white one is a Four Stripe Damsel (not a very interesting name for such a pretty fishie)

Everyone loves the Clownfish!! They are great to watch and look like they are *clowning around* This one was teasing Stanley !!
I could watch them for hours !! Will keep everyone updated when there are new arrivals..:)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jordyn's Rock n Roll Skirt

Jordyn's class is performing 'Twist and Shout" for school. Of course she needed an outfit to suit... So off to the op shops I went, then a trip to Spotlight, after collecting everything I needed, I headed home. With "Grease" on the telly for inspiration, this is the final result !! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011


First time at the beach !! He looked a little nervous!! But was lovin all the new smells!!
Sitting at the waters edge... not feeling too confident!!
Jordyn and Clayton trying to coax him into the water.. They were told not to get too wet,,, what was I thinking !!! They were wet head to toe in 2 mins!! Still no puppy in the water  !!
YAYAY !!  Puppy is in the water...!!!
Hmmmm   not happy puppy !! :(
Trying to pull daddy out of the wet stuff...
Looking very pitiful!! wet and sandy puppy !!