Friday, December 17, 2010

Clayton's Christmas Play/ Tanya's Graduation

Clayton's class acted out the Nativy Scene last week. It was absolutley beautiful!! The kids took their parts very seriously. Clayton was the narrator. He was dressed in the suit he wore for Gangie's wedding, and bare feet!!  lol  He spoke very clearly and made no mistakes.. Mummy was very proud :)
Sitting on the stage...
Clayton and his friend Tehiera.
What a cutie!!!
We went to Tanya's graduation on Thursday. As you can see she looked stunning.. I bought her jewellery as a graduation present, and did her hair.... we were all so proud...
lol  ...  Tanya won't show her teeth because of her braces!! She looks so grown up now...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Muckin about!

After having 200 balloons in the house for halloween, it was time to take them down...  Needless to say the kids had a ball with them...
Peek a boo!!
Recipe for Fun:
1.Pinch dad's tarps while he is cleaning out the shed,
2. Peg it down with tent pegs
3. Add water
4. Find some dishwashing liquid

5. Get your bathers and sunscreen on.

6. Make your big brother hold the hose. ( at least he is out of his room)!!
7. Let er rip!!!
8. Go to mum for ice pack when you hit the fence on the way down :(
It kept them busy for about 2 hours... water bill is gonna be high!!  bah!!  who cares.....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

Well after all the painting and having my house turned upside down, we decided to have a Halloween Party!!
Anything that stood still was covered in spider webs.
The feature window was awesome because it glowed in the blacklight... spooky !!

All the main rooms were decorated...

Even the t.v cabinet got a spooky makeover!!
Balloons, skeletons and ghosts hanging from the lights!!
At night time it all glowed!!!
My poor fish!! 
Devil Jordy !!  grrrrrr
Looove Jordy's pink vampire teeth!!  They glowed too!!
Clayton the spook boy!!
Dylan went to a party with his mates, but he left his dead traced body for us .. it's head is further along and out of the shot ..
We played 'wrap the mummy',,, this is how Clayton turned out..
lol !!  eating jelly donuts with no hands... was very messy!! But was so funny to watch :)
Nom Nom Nom.....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Formal Lounge

The formal lounge was not too bad as far as peeling paint goes. This area is a "NO GO ZONE" as far as the kids are concerned. So it is hardly used.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before photo of the feature wall.  Whoops :)
This is the after shot. Not too much difference. But I'm so proud of this room because I was the one who did all the prep work.. I scraped and sealed the walls all by myself!! Nearly killed me and I would've thought I'd have really toned arms!!! 
The lighting is pretty bad because the afternoon sun comes straight into this room.
Ta da !!!!  The feature wall!!  It's the same colour we used in the family/ dining room.
This is the first room you see when you enter our house. So I'm really pleased with the result..

Dining Room

This is the before shot of our dining room/ office.
This shot is taken from the family room looking into the kitchen. lol  You can see Kevin sitting on the cooktop!!  This was a nightmare for about 2 days... there was crap everywhere!!
lol ...  Poor Kevin...  he is so tall and cramed into such a small space!! 
The finished dining room... it looks so much better!! :)

Family Room

This is the before photo of the Family room/ play room. It is the only room in the house that does not have a theme. The room is open plan and is part of kitchen/ dining, but it's the only room in the house the kids can make a mess!! They have decorated the room with their own artwork, and they each have a collage photo  frame on the feature wall. The paint was not too bad in this room but you can see where it is flaking off on the wall near the beanbags. 

This room looks so much better!!  The colour is called Apium. The kids love it !!  And I can wash the walls without paint peeling off!!
The collages look awesome on the feature wall.. The kids have promised to keep their new room clean!! hmmmm let's see how long that lasts !! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dylan's Room

I thought I'd start off with showing you how bad the walls are in the room. This is the worst wall in the room and happens to be the wall Dylan slept against.
You can see how the paint is blistering and then peeling.. it was a chore to scrape it all off ,,  took me nearly 2 days!!  But now my arms are pumped!!
The finished room.. I repainted his bedside tables and replaced the handles.. and of course the sword collection takes pride of place on the feature wall..
The sword collection....  he has a few more but they are in stands in his tv cupboard.
The music corner!!  Mounting the guitars on the walls frees up the floor space for???  MORE guitars and amps...  *sigh*
I don't know if this is a happy face, or a 'get the hell out of my room mum!!' face !!  lol He loves it!!  Lets see how long it stays clean for ????   Stay tuned !!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jordyn's bedroom

I had to repaint these shelves in enamel paint to freshen them up. They were shelves we pulled down from the family room. With her growing collection we meeded more room for her dolls... lol
Her fave thing at the moment is Betty Boop! So finding a doona cover that was not to old for her was quite a challenge. She loves to have cushions on her bed ,, she collects them as much as her dolls!!
She bought the Blue doll with her birthday money and was given the fairy for her birthday, the baby doll was given to her by her step nanna Lea.
The first display doll she bought was the Betty Boop doll. The apricot doll she also bought with her birthday money. The girl is gonna need a bigger room to house all these dolls !!
This is a piece i made for her when she was 4. It sets off the feature wall nicely.
The look on the face says it all !!!  She loves this room and has vowed to keep it clean so she can get pocket money to buy ,,,,  MORE dolls
This was a wine rack that I pinched from my mother,, it was black, so I took to it with a can of gold spraypaint and viola!! More room for the dollies!!  You can see her Bratz collection and her fairy collection.