Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dylan's Room

I thought I'd start off with showing you how bad the walls are in the room. This is the worst wall in the room and happens to be the wall Dylan slept against.
You can see how the paint is blistering and then peeling.. it was a chore to scrape it all off ,,  took me nearly 2 days!!  But now my arms are pumped!!
The finished room.. I repainted his bedside tables and replaced the handles.. and of course the sword collection takes pride of place on the feature wall..
The sword collection....  he has a few more but they are in stands in his tv cupboard.
The music corner!!  Mounting the guitars on the walls frees up the floor space for???  MORE guitars and amps...  *sigh*
I don't know if this is a happy face, or a 'get the hell out of my room mum!!' face !!  lol He loves it!!  Lets see how long it stays clean for ????   Stay tuned !!