Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

Well after all the painting and having my house turned upside down, we decided to have a Halloween Party!!
Anything that stood still was covered in spider webs.
The feature window was awesome because it glowed in the blacklight... spooky !!

All the main rooms were decorated...

Even the t.v cabinet got a spooky makeover!!
Balloons, skeletons and ghosts hanging from the lights!!
At night time it all glowed!!!
My poor fish!! 
Devil Jordy !!  grrrrrr
Looove Jordy's pink vampire teeth!!  They glowed too!!
Clayton the spook boy!!
Dylan went to a party with his mates, but he left his dead traced body for us .. it's head is further along and out of the shot ..
We played 'wrap the mummy',,, this is how Clayton turned out..
lol !!  eating jelly donuts with no hands... was very messy!! But was so funny to watch :)
Nom Nom Nom.....

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