Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jordyn's bedroom

I had to repaint these shelves in enamel paint to freshen them up. They were shelves we pulled down from the family room. With her growing collection we meeded more room for her dolls... lol
Her fave thing at the moment is Betty Boop! So finding a doona cover that was not to old for her was quite a challenge. She loves to have cushions on her bed ,, she collects them as much as her dolls!!
She bought the Blue doll with her birthday money and was given the fairy for her birthday, the baby doll was given to her by her step nanna Lea.
The first display doll she bought was the Betty Boop doll. The apricot doll she also bought with her birthday money. The girl is gonna need a bigger room to house all these dolls !!
This is a piece i made for her when she was 4. It sets off the feature wall nicely.
The look on the face says it all !!!  She loves this room and has vowed to keep it clean so she can get pocket money to buy ,,,,  MORE dolls
This was a wine rack that I pinched from my mother,, it was black, so I took to it with a can of gold spraypaint and viola!! More room for the dollies!!  You can see her Bratz collection and her fairy collection.