Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Merry Christmas!!  I know it's late but I've had slow downloads!!  *grrr hubby and teenager* My photos are a bit blurry cause I didn't check the battery on my camera.. dumbass!!  oh well, here goes......

5am Xmas morning!!! Opening our Santa stockings.. Mum ducked off for a coffee and woke up the teenager who was, needless to say, unimpressed..

Playing on the Wii... Teenager awake!!!

.... and wired for action !!!!

I love the Wii!!!

Ben 10 lego !!!  Santa Rox !!!

After being inspired by Kelsie's Thanksgiving table, I decided that since we were having Chinese takeout for xmas lunch, I could take the time to decorate the table...Unfortunately, the Albany easterly winds were blowing about 25km/hr.. and blew my entire design out of the yard!!! so I had to settle for the bare essentials..
We had 2 tables, one for the kids and one for the adults..
The kids decorated their own tablecloth with paint and glitter!!  It was messy, but filled in an afternoon of boredom...

The adult table looks bare because I couldn't set the table and place the napkins for fear of them blowing away...
Gangie bought the kids a swimming pool for Xmas.. Even thought the weather was quite chilly, Jordyn wasted no time jumping in !! 
Clayton took a bit longer to get in !!

Soon everyone was in the pool... Belle is in the purple shirt.. hasn't she grown !!
Tyler, Tanya and Jordyn.
Trent, Melinda and Danica...
Trent and Gangie the garden gnome !!!
Standing next to me is Matt.. he is nearly as tall as Dylan..
Nanna had to see what all the fuss was about, so Jenni took her outside, then she got splashed *WHOOPS*
5 noodles in the pool... it's 14c degrees!!  no brain no pain !! 
Chiillaxing and having some drinkies...
Merry Christmas to all xxxx

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