Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wignall Blues and Jazz Festival

Every year we head out to Wignalls Winery for the annual Blues and Jazz Festival. It's a great day/night out for all the family.. Jordy is having some fun in the playground..
Clayton can't resist the swings!!
It takes alot of hard work to look this cool .. lol
Darryl Braithwaite!! You may remember him as the lead singer of Sherbert... He sang the song 'Howzat" .. he was awesome..
Back at our camp.. 3 picnic blankets spread out, we like to take up as much space as possible!! that way we don't have to sit tooo close to others!!
Clayton takes an ice cream break!!  Too much playground action!!

Melinda and I soaking up the atmosphere!!
I couldn't resist this headband!! It lights up !! How cool :)
nom nom nom... yummy icecream !!
The Blues Brothers Review!!  these guys were great!! they are endorsed by original Blues Brother, Dan Ackroyd!! They were awesome...
The dreadlock queens!!
Gettin down !!  hahahaha
Kevin works on this night, so he pops in and out.. usually for food and a cuddle !!!
I want my hair like this all the time!!

10pm and Jordy has had enuff!!  Time to go home to bed mum !!

Clayton enjoying the show!!
Me and my baby girl
The teeth sisters!!! lol
It was a fantastic night.. can't wait to see who'll be playing next year...

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  1. OMGoodness girl you trying to make me cry...I wish I could be there too...I miss doing stuff together so much.

    Luv ya Kelsie