Saturday, March 5, 2011


Here is the last photo taken of Dylan with his dreadlocks.. Everyone told me it couldn't be done.. But here we go....
I was surprised at how long it is...
A few hours later !!

A few more hours later !!

God Bless Melinda!!!!  we gave up at about 10pm Sat night.. fingers sore and backs aching !!
The finished product!!! His hair is actually in good condition.. Not many breakages and soooooo curly !!
Here is the dreadlock ball!!! It's 3 years of dead hair and dread wax !! ewwww 
Dylan and his mate "Mr fuzzy" ..

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  1. yay so glad to see them nasty dreads please tell me he is going to cut it?...haha who knew I was this conservative about mens hair *wink*

    Love ya guys Kelsie