Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding Nemo:)

Sooooo excited to finally have a Saltwater tank!!! I'm still getting it established, it could take up to 6 months to get a good coverage of bacteria on the rocks, the coral you see in the pictures is not real :( it's the background pic stuck to the tank..  My first fishie did a *Nemo* on me and went up the filter to an untimely death.. So  I bought a Blue Damsel,, he is also camera shy !! My Clown fish on the other hand are camera hogs and come up to the glass everytime they see the camera flash..
This is Stanley !! He is absolutely adorable!! He is a long spiny urchin.. You can see his eye in the centre.. he is quite active and it's really cool to watch him move around the tank. He is also poisonous so one must be mindful when putting their hand in the tank ...

I managed to get all four fish in one shot !! This took ages !! The black and white one is a Four Stripe Damsel (not a very interesting name for such a pretty fishie)

Everyone loves the Clownfish!! They are great to watch and look like they are *clowning around* This one was teasing Stanley !!
I could watch them for hours !! Will keep everyone updated when there are new arrivals..:)